Bible Memory

Memorizing scripture is an important part of spiritual growth and responsibility of Christians. When we know scripture, we know God more intimately and what the desire of His heart is. We want students to not only learn their memory verses, but to also take time to discuss with their families what the verse means to them.

You can find the weekly Bible Memory verse on the classroom Newsletter.


We take time to pray together in our class.  We pray for each other, our families and friends, our school and our world.

Singing Devotions

Unfortunately our grade 4-6 students will not be able to participate in singing devotions at this point in the school year, but we hope that it won't be long until we can come together to worship and celebrate who God is.  In the meantime, I will post links to some of our favourite songs that you can sing together with your family at home....

***Links will be added throughout the year***

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